Certificate in Practical Welsh (Foundation and Intermediate levels) Certificate
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Certificate in Practical Welsh (Foundation and Intermediate levels) Certificate

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Course Overview

Foundation Certificate - 60 credits

This certificate is aimed at those with little or no previous knowledge of the Welsh language. Students can choose between one of two pathways:

Pathway 1: Two online modules and one five day residential module on the Lampeter campus

Pathway 2: Three online modules

The certificate guides students through a range of practical day-to-day situations including discussing the weather, shopping, socialising, discussing the family etc. The final online module in pathway 2 introduces students to extended written tasks on a range of general topics. On completing the Foundation Certificate students should have achieved a good basic level of oral competency and the ability to translate and compose written pieces commensurate with the level.

Intermediate Certificate - 60 credits

This Certificate is aimed at students able to hold an extended general conversation in Welsh. For example, a Foundation level Welsh for Adults qualification would be an acceptable qualification for entry to the Intermediate Certificate. Once again two pathways are available:

Pathway 1: Two online modules and one five day residential module on the Lampeter campus

Pathway 2: Three online modules

At this level the emphasis is again on consolidating oral fluency when discussing day-to-day matters and work related subjects. There is also a focus on the completion of more detailed grammar and translation exercises. The final module of pathway 2 concentrates on styles and registers and the production of extended written task such as letters, speeches and short structured reports.

Key Features

Through an on-line course such as this you can choose to learn at your own speed, in your own time. Maybe you haven't got the time to attend a night class regularly? Alternatively you may wish to supplement the learning you do in a classroom based course, or try the Foundation course to get a background knowledge before you attend an evening class/ move to Wales/change jobs etc. You may have children learning Welsh in school and this course is a good way to help them and learn the things they are learning so you can read and play together in Welsh.

Many of the students on this course on the other hand live outside of Wales and an online course such as this is a great way to learn a language which has been in existence since the 6th century. Dip into the language and culture of your ancestors maybe! If you enjoy learning the language you can follow the three certificates and hopefully become totally fluent in the language.


CYPW4001 Camu at y Gymraeg: Foundation Welsh 1

CYPW4002 Camu at y Gymraeg: Foundation Welsh 2

CYPW4003 Cyfoethogi'r Cyfathrebu: Foundation

CYPW4004 Ymarfer Ysgrifennu: Foundation

Modules CYPW4001 and CYPW4002 above are designed to develop the skills needed to speak and understand simple Welsh in everyday situations, e.g. greetings, the weather, describing family and friends, socialising, shopping etc. They also provide a structured overview of key grammatical and syntactical aspects of the Welsh language in a communicative setting. The emphasis in CYPW4003, the residential module, is on practical sessions focusing on a mixture of structured pair and team activities to foster and confirm oral confidence and deepen grammatical knowledge and cultural awareness. CYPW4004 encourages students to apply and expand their knowledge of Welsh grammar, syntax and lexis. As well as strengthening students' understanding of Welsh grammar, thereby ensuring effective communication, the module also introduces aspects of Welsh culture.

CYPW4005 Camu at y Gymraeg: Intermediate Welsh 1

CYPW4006 Camu at y Gymraeg: Intermediate Welsh 2

CYPW4007 Cyfoethogi'r Cyfathrebu: Intermediate

CYPW4008 Ymarfer Ysgrifennu: Intermediate

Modules CYPW4005 & CYPW4006 enable students to develop a range of production and comprehension Welsh language skills at intermediate level. Students have the opportunity to increase their fluency in every-day usage, whilst revising and extending their understanding and appreciation of grammatical structures, thereby broadening their vocabulary base.

Module CYPW4007 enables students to consolidate and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Welsh language through a five day period of concentrated residential study. Emphasis is placed on spoken Welsh with the practical sessions focusing on a mixture of structured individual, pair and team activities to nurture and sustain oral confidence over extended periods.

The on-line written module CYPW4008 enables students to undertake extended writing tasks (letters, speeches, reports etc) and to display their understanding of such styles together with their knowledge of Welsh grammar.

Course Tutor(s)

  • Gwen Davies
  • Andrew Currie
  • Carol Thomas


In the case of both levels, students are assessed through regular short linguistic assignments and end of module oral examinations in the case of the first modules. The residential module is assessed by means of a face-to-face oral and a selection of written exercises.

The final written module, for those choosing not to undertake the residential, is assessed by means of a series of longer written assignments. Formative self-assessment exercises are also provided on the beginners' course.

Career Opportunities

This course is ideal for those who want to learn some Welsh or add depth to their existing knowledge of the language in order to improve their job prospects in Wales. Many of those undertaking the course are doing so as part of work-based CPD provision. Several of the tasks on the Intermediate course are relevant to the workplace, where as both levels focus on work-based activities and vocabulary as part of the teaching.

Further Information

Students need on average a minimum of 4 hours a week to complete the first two modules on the Foundation Certificate. The Intermediate Course requires something similar. Formative self-assessment exercises are also provided on the beginners course. The 5 day residential on the Lampeter campus is held in mid July every year. Accommodation is available on campus at an additional charge.

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Certificate Award
Full-time Study Mode
1 years Duration

Entry Requirements For This Course

Entry Criteria

There are no specific entry requirements for the beginners' language course, although previous experience of learning other languages could prove beneficial.

In the case of the Intermediate course, students are expected to be able to demonstrate a knowledge of basic Welsh for example, by having successfully completed the Mynediad and Sylfaen Welsh for Adults courses or GCSE Welsh Second Language or another beginners' course.

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