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Accounting, finance and banking deals mainly with the concepts of money, business and management, and how all of these individual elements can effectively work together. You will have opportunities to develop your knowledge of how financial information is understood and applied within organisations, and how it is reported internally and externally. You will be encouraged to explore the modern economy, the nature of business and how accounting and finance fit in with these. Your studies will increase your knowledge and understanding of financial and accounting information, with an emphasis on professional development.

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Career Options

Graduates of accounting, finance and banking will find that there are many career opportunities that are available to them. The most common destination for graduates is to work in the quantitative field. This can include jobs directly related to accounting and finance, in roles such as accounting technician, forensic accountant, investment banker, stockbroker, chartered accountant or tax adviser. Your degree will also be useful in roles such as data analyst, economist, actuary, business manager or retail banker. Alternatively, you could work as a self-employed consultant, assisting firms with their accounting and finance requirements.