Richmond is a unique university in which to study Humanities and Social Sciences. When our students arrive in London, they have many questions which relate to issues of identity, culture, language, religion, society, citizenship, history and consumption - all of which Richmond’s Department of Humanities and Social Sciences addresses in its undergraduate programs.

The Sociology major offers a comparative intercultural view of the nature and dynamics of culture and society. It focuses on either Development Studies - the analysis of ex-colonial societies, particularly those undergoing rapid industrialisation and urbanization; or Cultural Studies - the analysis of contemporary culture and the dynamics of cultural globalization. In keeping with the university’s international and intercultural mission, the focus of sociology involves an examination of the ways in which every culture throughout the world is being transformed by the processes of globalization.

Average classes at Richmond are both much smaller and much more ethnically diverse than at most other universities. With a typical Junior or Senior level class size of between ten to twenty students, we emphasize individual attention, small group work, student participation, personal research paper writing and seminar-style discussion. The Sociology degree program offers a thorough academic preparation for a wide variety of careers in the private and public sectors including education, social work, international institutions and non-governmental organizations. A significant number of Richmond Sociology graduates go on to study sociology, development studies, cultural studies and related disciplines at the postgraduate level.

Faculty at Richmond
Well-qualified faculty bring their research interests into the classroom and enrich the curriculum. Our international faculty are successful practitioners from many fields who bring to their teaching both cutting edge ideas and the most current successful practices. Our Sociology faculty are eager to share further details about their program with you. Please feel free to begin a dialogue with them.

Beyond Richmond - What can I do after graduation with a BA Degree in Sociology from Richmond?
Richmond Sociology degree graduates pursue opportunities throughout the world. They are recruited by the world’s top employers and pursue postgraduate programs at universities worldwide (Source: Alumni Relations at Richmond, the American International University in London).
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