Return to Practice Other PG Award

Return to Practice provides qualified health care professionals with lapsed registration an opportunity to update knowledge, skills and competencies, enabling them to return to the Professional Register.

Other PG Award Award
February, September Start
Part-time Study Mode
3 months Duration

Entry Requirements For This Course

Students should already have:

A health professional qualification

Lapsed registration with the NMC (Nurses and Midwives)

Advice from the relevant professional body (professions other than nursing and midwifery)

Two satisfactory references, preferably from education and employment sources. References from friends and relatives are not acceptable./p>

Satisfactory occupational health clearance

DBS check

Demonstration of academic ability/evidence of current knowledge

Awareness of changes in the NHS since last practiced

It is also strongly advised that applicants have experience of using information technology resources.

Shortlisting criteria

Locally situated/local placement (intention of working in the local authority area)

Length of time out of practice (shorter the better)

Genuine and thoughtful reasoning for wanting to return (assessed through personal statement)

Good references

Evidence of recent academic study (as recent as possible)

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