Supporting Recovery in Mental Health Settings Other PG Award

Recovery oriented practice is both a political movement and a potential paradigm shift in the focus of how we work with people to build meaningful and worthwhile lives in the face of emotional and psychological distress.

This module introduces recovery and the steps that are needed by practitioners and organisations alike to adopt a recovery oriented approach to practice. Workshops on recovery-oriented assessment, care-planning, goal-setting, safety management and coaching approaches are informed by the latest evidence-based models and research.

This module will prepare you for the transition into recover-oriented practice. You will be able to think critically and reflexively about the use of recovery-oriented practice and how it fits in the organisational context. You will develop solution-focused cognitive-behavioural coaching skills to integrate into your practice.

The module is informed by cutting edge recovery-oriented research from practitioners previously involved in the recovery research of International quality.

This module is being delivered by experts in the field of mental health and recovery. The leads for the module have a diverse and current range of experience in mental health practice – as currently active clinical professionals in addition to their teaching responsibilities and also from on-going advanced clinical practice and training.

Other PG Award Award
Part-time Study Mode
3 months Duration

Entry Requirements For This Course

Applicants should have:

Prior experience of studying at least to degree level

A current clinical practice setting working with people with ‘severe’ mental health difficulties

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