Optical Technologies MSc

The course explores the versatile field of optical technologies which supports many aspects of modern society. Optical technologies are expected to be a key enabling technology of the 21st century.

The course is based on the strong record of optical technologies across research divisions in the department of physics and the collaborating institutions:

Optics Division (Physics)

Plasma Division (Physics)

Nanoscience Division (Physics)

Institute of Photonics

Centre for Biophotonics

Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

MSc Award
September Start
Full-time, Part-time Study Mode
12 months Duration

Entry Requirements For This Course

Minimum second-class honours degree, or international equivalent, in physics or a related subject, eg Engineering Physics, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Ophthalmology, Material Science, Astronomy.

Applicants from an engineering or life science discipline need to have had sufficient exposure to quantum mechanics and solid state physics, eg by semi-conductor technology courses, or need to demonstrate that they can acquire the necessary background. Contact us about your case and the possibility of conversion courses

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