History and Politics Degrees

The study of history and politics allows you to learn both a historical interpretation of politics whilst also studying the past with an attitude informed by political events and theory. A BA History and Politics Degree programme will normally cover a range of topics from both history and politics such as international relations, policies, political progress and modern history.

Studying History & Politics

A degree in history and politics can be studies at both the undergraduate and postgraduate study level, with the most common being an undergraduate BA History and Politics Degree. An undergraduate degree takes three to four years of full time study to complete, as some universities offer history and politics students the chance to undertake a year long work placement during their third year of study. Students will study modules through a range of lectures, seminars and workshops and will be assessed via group projects, individual presentations, essays, examinations and portfolio work.

Topics Covered

During an undergraduate level degree, students will be taught a range of topics that will help them to understand political concepts within a social environment. During the first year of study students will study several core modules such as approaches to history, political theory and world politics. The second year of study includes modules such as political theory from Hobbes, cultural change and the history of Britain. During the final stage of a BA History and Politics Degree students are given more flexible options for study, and can choose from wide range of history and politics based modules. Alongside these modules chosen the student is also required to write a dissertation on a topic of their choice.

Entry Requirements

To gain entry to a BA History and Politics degree students generally need to have gained A Level grades AAA - AAB, to include an A Level in History or Politics. Students are also required to have GCSE grades A-C in Maths and English.

Career Prospects

A BA History and Politics Degree may lead to further study and research with many students going on to become professional historians. A postgraduate degree in history and politics is designed for students who wish to gain theoretical understanding of the subjects, or who wish to build on their existing knowledge. They may also want to prepare for further academic study like a PhD. Normally a postgraduate degree in history and politics can be completed within twelve months of full time study.

Students wishing to go straight into work upon completion of their degree can expect to gain roles in industries such as accounting, publishing, advertising and the legal sector. A history and politics degree provides graduates with a range of transferable skills that can be applied to a multitude of job roles.