Ancient History Degrees

Studying an Ancient history degree provides students the opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of Greek and Roman civilisations. An ancient history degree looks at not only the history, but also the society and politics of the ancient civilisations.

Studying Ancient History

Types of Ancient History Degrees

Ancient History is awarded as a BA Hons (Bachelor of Arts) degree and can be studied as a single degree or alongside a range of other subjects. Those students that decide to study another subject alongside ancient history often choose archaeology or a classic language. Some universities will also give students the opportunity to study abroad for one year as part of their degree course, especially if studying the course alongside a language.

What modules will I study?

Throughout a degree in ancient history you will be required to study a range of compulsory and optional modules. Most universities will give students the choice of which modules they want to study, to promote specialisation in your preferred area of study. Some example ancient history modules can be seen below:

  • Greek History
  • Classical Language
  • Ancient Sources
  • The history of political thought
  • The roman republic
  • Roman democracy
  • Slavery in the classical world
  • Politics of competition in ancient Greece
  • Running the roman empire

Entry Requirements

In the UK there are only 24 universities that offer Ancient History degrees. To gain entry to a program you will normally be required to achieve the following A Level Grades and UCAS Points:

  • A Level Grades: AAA - ABB
  • UCAS Points: 144 - 128

Required and Desired Subjects: History, Classical Languages

Career Prospects

An ancient history degree will equip students with a wide range of transferable skills and the extensive knowledge of other cultures which are highly valuable in a variety of sectors. Instead of choosing to work straight after university, some ancient history graduates choose to pursue further education in the historical field. Some example destinations and job roles include:

  • Accountant
  • Banker
  • The police force
  • Journalism
  • Librarianship
  • Museum Curatorship
  • Teaching

88% of ancient history graduates are either placed in further study or employment within 6 months of graduating, with an average earning of £20k. Statistics Section: