Studying In Bath

Studying In Bath
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Bath might only be small, but it’s one of the UK’s prettiest, friendliest and historical cities. If you’re looking to combine a cosmopolitan atmosphere with rich culture, here is all that Bath has to offer.

Universities In Bath

The city of Bath is home to two universities:

The University of BathBath Spa University

The University of Bath

The University of Bath is one of the highest-ranked universities in the UK, and currently sits 10th in the latest league tables. It scores above average for research quality, student satisfaction, and graduate prospects, while 96% of students go on to complete their degree. What’s more, the University’s teachers were voted number one two years on the bounce in the 2013 and 2014 National Student Survey.

The University of Bath, which is located just a mile from the city centre, is well-known for creating highly employable graduates who often go onto earn a starting salary that is at least £4,000 better than the national average. Areas of study covered include the Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering and Design, as well as Management. The University also encourages their students to focus on their achievements outside academia, which helps to stand them in good stead once they graduate.

Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University is home to two campuses which are located on the edge of the city centre. It currently sits 66th in the latest league table rankings, scoring highly for degree completion, teaching standards, and student satisfaction.

The University was originally a school of arts. These days, because most of the courses are part of a modular scheme, students have a lot of choice, with many opting for a joint degree. The staff are consistently rated highly, and the University is well known for its strong research centres, and a focus on creativity, design and individual enterprise. It also offers a round-the-clock study space during term time, as well as a recently refurbished library.

Fees, Living Aspects & Student Finance

Although fees can suck the life out of applying for university, the good news is that you can get a lot of help. The maximum amount your degree will cost in Bath is £9,000 per year, and although this is certainly an eye-watering amount of money you don’t have to pay it upfront yourself. Read our guide to the student loan system to learn how you can pay for your course.

If you are moving away from home for the first time, you will probably be taking care of your own finances for the first time too. For this reason, setting out a budget is a sensible thing to do. The University of Bath have their own helpful tips for managing your money.

In terms of living costs, the downside to studying in Bath is that Bath is one of the most expensive cities for students, with the average student spending most of their loan on rent. Other things you will need to take into account include food, study materials, books and recreational activities.

Average spending is, of course, arbitrary, and although accommodation can take up a large chunk of your money, it really depends where you choose to live. Most first-year students choose to live in their university’s halls of residence because it gives them a chance to meet like-minded people in a friendly and safe environment, but halls of residences are often more expensive than private house-shares. If you choose to move into a private house-share, student digs can be picked up for less than £99 per week.

General Info About Bath

Found in the pleasant county of Somerset, Bath is small and compact, which makes getting around really easy. The main railway station is located just a few minutes away from the heart of the city centre, as is the University of Bath. Bristol – a lively city – is just 20 minutes away by train, while getting to London takes just an hour and a half. Bus services in and around the city are dependable, while a sweeping countryside is only a stone’s throw away.

The city has a population of 89,000, some 15,000 of which are students. It is famous for its history – particularly its associations with the Roman Empire – while these days it has a focus on software, service and publishing industries. Tourism continues to be important to its economy, and it averages almost 5 million visitors per year.

Events, Venues & Points Of Interest

The first thing you might notice about Bath is that it’s planted at the bottom of a deep valley, surrounded by residential estates that perch on some rather steep hills. Apart from that, everyone of course knows that Bath is famous for its baths, and visiting the Roman Baths is indeed something all students will need to do at some point. Visiting the oldest baths in the world (probably) is a tad expensive, but students get a discount ticket of £13.25. It will still be the most expensive bath you ever take, of course (Just don’t ask if they have showers instead).

If you’ve got some time to spare when you first arrive in Bath, you might just want to explore the compact city by foot. You can enhance your exploration by downloading a totally free World Heritage Site Audio Tour. This gives you a free map and a nod in the direction of the city’s prestigious landmarks, such as The Royal Crescent and the Jane Austen Centre, where literary lovers get the chance to learn a lot more about one of the UK’s best ever authors.

One of the real highlights of Bath is The Circus, a magnificent piece of original Georgian architecture that was built in 1768. These days, The Circus is home to an exquisite cafe and restaurant, and although the menu is a little on the expensive side, it’s something every student needs to experience. Hey, it makes a nice change from crusty, leftover pizza.

If you like your sports, Bath is home to an ace rugby league club, although it doesn’t do football so well. Bath City FC are currently languishing in the Vanarama National League South Table, so if you do adopt them as your team for the next 3 years be prepared for misery and Saturday evenings ruined by another defeat to Basingstoke Town.

And although you might not have ever heard of Foo Fighters Live In Bath, there are some pretty cool gig venues here that ensure music lovers are well-catered for. Top picks include Moles, Komedia (which also hosts live comedy and cinema), and The Bell Inn. Bath also has an Odeon for movie lovers, and there is also an indie cinema for people who love art house flicks.

And if you’re skint, you can always just feed the ducks by the lake.


The nightlife in Bath might not be the best in the UK, but if you find that you’re twiddling your thumbs for something to do in the midnight hour, party city central Bristol is only 9 miles down the road. But although Bath might not be as happening as Mad-chester, it’s at least one of the safest cities to drink in.

There is a good selection of student-friendly clubs here in Bath, including the aforementioned Moles which hosts regular student nights. Meanwhile, Second Bridge is Bath’s self-styled best club and cocktail bar, and certainly has an inviting and sexy interior. Their busiest student night is without a doubt The Bomb!, which takes place every Thursday. Po Na Na is another club that is popular with students. Although it looks ridiculously unassuming from the outside, Po Na Na is a super-cool Moroccan-themed club that pumps out rock, metal, indie and punk.

Bath is also a hive of cool pubs and bars. Our top picks include The Old Green Tree, The Hop Pole, The Salamander, and the aforementioned The Bell Inn. Because the city centre is so tight, hopping from one bar to another is super easy.

As is getting the bus to Bristol after you’ve had a few, and your mate just wants to get totally obliterated because “LET’S GO TO LESSONS DRUNK!!”

So There It Is…

Bath is one of the friendliest, safest cities in the UK. Architecturally rich, it’s also one of the nicest cities to walk around either at day or night. Whether you just want to soak up the cosmopolitan vibes or just study somewhere that cooly merges history and prestige with pubs and clubs, Bath could be the ace up the UK’s sleeve. Start your search for courses in bath now.