What are Microcredentials?

Microcredentials, sometimes also known as microdegrees, are small qualifications that tend to be short courses, offering their students a chance to upskill certain areas of their knowledge, progress their career plans, or change career completely.

Although most microcredential courses are offered online, some providers may offer on-campus or in-person classes. Microcredentials normally last up to 12 weeks, and can be studied around your other commitments.

On completion of your microcredential you will usually receive some form of certification which might be accredited by various different bodies, and recognised by some employers.

Should I do a microcredential?

Microcredentials can be very useful for progressing certain areas of you knowledge or ability. They can allow you to improve a very specific skill, which may help your career or personal development. If you are interested in going for a promotion, or even changing career, a microcredential can give you a head start in that. As well as this, if you are interested in undertaking an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in an area you have no experience in, a microcredential can give you the opportunity to boost you knowledge.

Because microcredentials are normally short term and delivered online, they are flexible and can be completed around your other studies, work or family commitments. You might also be able to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in a course at a popular university abroad, without the cost of studying abroad.

Will a microcredential help my career prospects?

Most employers will recognise a microcredential. The vast majority of companies will see that you have taken the time to further develop your skills, which will be helpful to you and to your employer/company. Taking a microcredential is also a good way to demonstrate that you are able and willing to keep your knowledge and skills up to date, which is desirable to employers in such a fast-moving and developing world.

Although microcredentials are widely recognised and regarded as an asset, it is important that you ensure that your course will be taken into consideration by any employer or university, so that you are spending your time and money wisely. You can do this by making sure that you are undertaking microcredentials offered by legitimate providers, and take a look at reviews to see what previous students have to say about the course.

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